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Alex Markachev

Alexey Markachev

Также известно как: Алексей Маркачёв
Группа в интернете: http://markachev.pdj.ru, http://alexmarkachev.com, http://myspace.com/alexmarkachevnelumbo

Дискография Alex Markachev:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Karkas EP 4 audio iTunes 2008-05-01 Prozak Records
2 From The Heart EP 5 audio iTunes 2008-12-19 Connected Digital
3 Summer Grooves 4 audio iTunes 2009-07-06 Toyfriend Music
4 New Life 2009 5 audio iTunes 2009-08-16 Techment Records

Alex Markachev - disk-jockey, musician, producer, radio-show owner, promoter. Aleksey start his professional career in 2004 from party’s of DJ Feel (Number 1 dj in Russia 2008), playing Progressive and Uplifting Trance. For a period of one-and-a-half years he was only one trance disk-jockey who used only vinyl in his sets. In order to preserve sincerity and cleanliness the ideas of electronic music, Aleksey move to Techno, and soon got the invitation come in the club the Tunnel, where to this days playing Funky and Groovy Techno on the Techno-partysof DJ SLON and Van Nosikov. In parallel with the playing in Tunnel, Aleksey making a lot of techno-partys in Saint-Petersburg: small weekly and weekend festivals with the invite of actual disk-jockeys from Europe. In August 2007, Aleksey starts his radio-show NELUMBO! (in the transfer with the Lat. - Lotus) on the world famous radio station DI.FM. The majority of the stars of the world Techno-scene visited in the year of ether guests: Sound-producers, owners of labels and sound-directors. Simultaneously with the discovery of program, Aleksey begins to produce music and in december of 2007 signs the first contract with Canadian label Prozak Records for Karkas EP. Releasewas in tops of Internet- stores and Track-lists of the stars of Techno-scene, such as Wehbba, Stephane Of signore, DJ Of link, Reaky, Peppelino, Darkrow and many others, and the track Flower entered into the official compilation of the European festival Street Parade 2008. Tens of Remixes and his tracks, which now wait for turn to the doors of their labels (Prozak, Naked Lunch, Stream, Keep On Techno, Sub Cult, Penetration Nation) in order to fall to the counters of stores, and also the having extraordinary popularity program on DI.FM, all it gives to Aleksey a lot of gigs in Europe clubs and areas. The first foreign tour into Finland made his resident of the club Yo-Talo in the city Tampere. In front gigs at the festivals in Spain and sets in the clubs of England, Slovenia, Serbia and Sweden. The Alexey sets are always unique, because it anytime are full of exclusive promo-tracks, selected released tracks and already forgotten hits of Tekhno-dancefloors of the past. Aleksey now the only one producer in Russia who make active promotion for Russian Techno-musicians on the world scene. The young talents of Novosibirsk, Yaroslavl', Saint Petersburg and Odessa are located under his wing. In April 2008 Aleksey becomes the Techno-producer of the most powerfull dance radio in Russia: Radio Rrecord, and he start his promotion for Techno-culture in Russia. In July 2008 on the counters of stores will appear: a series Russia's first legal Techno-compilations RECORD TECHNO, which includes the tracks from Worldwide techno starts, such as Axel Karakasis, Ian Void and Cave, and also album of now become legendary guys from the project Odessa SoundFreaks. Soon tens of most interesting releases will be in shops. History continues… for main questions: info@alexmarkachev.com for promos: promo@alexmarkachev.com for booking: booking@alexmarkachev.com

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