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John Brett

Группа в интернете: www.bluesblasters.co.uk

Дискография John Brett:

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1969-72: Manchester— guitarist in ‘The Pete Starkey Band’. Only two claims to fame: (i) opened for the band ‘Sasafras’ and (ii) our roadie - John Cooper Clarke - met (quite rightly and deservedly) with success. 1972-4: Joined Glasgow drummer Charlie McCloy in his band ‘Auf Queer’; supported ’Stone the Crows’ and ‘The Alex Harvey Band’. 1974-6: formed the band ‘Duke’; “Nailed to the floor - slickest band in Manchester” (quote in Manchester Evening News!!). Then—PUNK Album flopped; time to give up? After a kick up the backside by the best rock n roll singer in the business (thanks, Pete!) off again 1980 to date: Guitar with ‘BareWires’;support to ‘Robert Cray’ & ‘Bo Diddley’ Co-formed ‘The Megaband’Duo ‘John Brett-[a1688841]’ Slide guitar with Normans’ band. Studio work and major festivals (Links to John recording with [a1688841]) www.simplyws.co.uk/normanbeaker/disco/mdln.html www.simplyws.co.uk/normanbeaker/disco/itb.html Co-formed ‘The Best Band Short stint on drums (13 years) with some of the finest musicians in the U.K. 'The Removal Men’ ‘Brendan Gore’, ’Gerry McLaughlin’ (‘Gags’), ’John Price’ (‘Bamford Band’) and ‘John Gibson’ (‘Greasy Bear’). Guitar: ‘Pete Farrow’, ’The Jam Butties’, ’The Harpbreakers’, ‘Pete Elliott’ plus ‘Perfect Strangers’, alongside ‘Taj Mahal’, ’Jack Bruce’, ’Chris Farlowe’ and….‘The Blues Blasters’!

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