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DJ Sanches

Sergey Sanches

Также известно как: Dj Санчес, Сергей Санчес, Sanches, Sergey Sanches, Sergey Sanchez
Группа в интернете: http://sergeysanches.pdj.ru/, http://www.myspace.com/djsergeysanches

Дискография DJ Sanches:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Double Connections 11 audio iTunes 2000 Only Records
2 Теория Движения 15 audio iTunes 1997
3 Ночной Поезд В Глазго 14 audio iTunes 1998
4 Пропаганда. Четверги Санчеса. 9 лет. 11 audio iTunes 2007 World Club Music
5 Пропаганда. Четверги Санчеса. 8 лет 12 audio iTunes 2006 World Club Music
6 Республика Каzантип 10 12 audio iTunes 2005 World Club Music
7 City House: Night Train To St. Petersburg 13 audio iTunes 2008 World Club Music
8 Ночной Поезд В Глазго 14 audio iTunes 2008 Azon
9 HM Tour Collection Mp3 58 audio iTunes 2005 Incubus Duellum
10 Best Works 42 audio iTunes 2005 Incubus Duellum
11 Dessous Choice 23 audio iTunes 2004 Duel Studio
12 Fata Morgana 18 audio iTunes 2004 Incubus Duellum
13 Ketama Original Vol. 1 14 audio iTunes 2009
14 Mixed By Sanches 12 audio iTunes 2006 Вирус Music
15 Masters Sketchbook - Part One 13 audio iTunes 2010 Algorythmik Records
16 2000 И Одна Ночь Mix 2 audio iTunes 2000 Illegal Sound
17 Live Mix At Heaven Z19 / 15.08.2011 14 audio iTunes 2011 Not On Label (Mike Spirit & Sergey Sanchez)
18 Абракадабра 12 audio iTunes 2007 DJ MAG (Russia)
19 Солянка 2007 25 audio iTunes 2007 Солянка
20 Keep U Happy 6 audio iTunes 2013-02-22 Highway Records
21 Keep U Happy 4 audio iTunes 2013-01-00 Highway Records
22 Special Edition 2 audio iTunes 2004
23 Sunrise Mix 13 audio iTunes 2002 Одиссей

Each DJ shows his addiction to music while still being a child. The same thing happened to Sanches, when he started creating sounds with the help of everything he saw around — from the desks to the plates and cans. His parents decided to help him develop his passion and invited a music teacher, that has spent 4 years teaching Sergey to play piano. His DJ carreer has started when he tried playing at school parties, but the first serious step to the serious and successful DJ life was made when he decided to participate in a young Dj contest. That was DJ Fonar’s Idea to ask young DJ’s to send their promo mixes to his radio show. Sanches couldn't miss such a possibility and recorded a mix with the help of a friend, who had a sound engineer console. Sergey didn't receive any response from Fonar, but that just forced him to start doing that thing seriously. The main coincidence that has played a huge role in becoming a serious DJ was Sergey's odd acquaintance with DJ Cash. They met in a sort of a voice chat that was unusually found by the young people of the block where Sanches lived. They started talking by phone and then they met, as they lived close to each other. Sanches has started Dj'ing at the legendary club «Ptuch», where he met a lot of people, who were responsible for the development of electronic music in Russia. Soon Sanches has become a pretty famous and successful young DJ. Later on, he started a series of his own parties at the «Luch» club. The flyers for the parties were designed by an artist and modeller — Meshkov, who is now a very successful DJ and Sapunov, a young DJ, who Sanches met on one of the Moscow radio stations, was leaving the flyers in the universities and colleges. Sanches’s career was developing very fast, the «Ptuch» magazine was supporting him a lot. That was the period, when the dancing scene community was dividing into several parts. Different DJ's preferred different music and that led to delimitation. Sanches chose deep house. Now his career counts residencies in the best clubs of Moscow, several fabulous mixes, tours around Moscow and europe and sets on the same stages with the likes of Matthew Herbert, Kevin Mckay, and Timewriter to name a few.. The name Sergey Sanches is familiar to all the admirers of house music in Russia.

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