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Cliks, The

Члены группы Cliks, The: Ezri Kaysen, Heidi Chan, Lucas Silveira, Morgan Doctor
Группа в интернете: http://www.thecliks.com/

Дискография Cliks, The:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Snakehouse 10 audio iTunes 2006
2 Dirty King 11 audio iTunes 2009 Silver Label
3 Snakehouse 10 audio iTunes 2007 Tommy Boy
4 Snakehouse 11 audio iTunes 2007 Tommy Boy

The Cliks is a rock band originating from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Created in 2004 by members [a=Lucas Silveira], [a=Ezri Kaysen] and [a=Heidi Chan], they released their debut, self titled album "[r=4018787]." Shortly after the album was released, in 2005, the original line-up broke up, leaving only Silveira. Silveira went on to recruit [a=Jordan B. Wright], [a=Morgan Doctor], and Nina Martinez, leading up to thier release "[r=1753176]." With this release, they became the first band with a transgender frontman to be signed on with a major record label. Shortly after the release of "Snakehouse," band member Wright left the group, and was replaced with [a=Jen Benton]. In October of 2008, it was announced that Martinez had also left the group, and talks were in place to replace her. The release of "[m328640]" saw the group gain moderate popularity in the Canadian rock scene. This landed them to a gig opening for the [a=New York Dolls] on thier '09 Spring North American Tour and opening slot for them at the Toronto and New Jersey Pride festivals. In September of 2009, Doctor and Benton had announced thier departure from the group, leaving Silveira once again the solo member. Following the break up of the band, Silveira went on a hiatus, to begin testosterone hormone therapy. Following a successful transition, Silveira released 2 solo albums and begun working on reforming The Cliks. The band now consists of Silveira and rotating and other non-permanent members.

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