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Nora Lee King

Elenore Kingston

Также известно как: King, L. King, Lenore King, N. King, Nora Lee King Lucie

Дискография Nora Lee King:

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Born, August 19 1909 - Died, New York, November 28 1995. Singer/Songwriter and Bass Guitarist King was quite a well known blues singer in the 30s and early 40s. In the mid-40s she recorded with Mary Lou Williams but most of her 50s and 60s records found her accompanied by her husband, guitarist Lawrence Lucie. She was a prolific songwriter with her own music publishing company Kinlu Music, and in the early 60s she and her husband started their own record label Toy Records (4) In the 80s she and her husband started a cable channel from their home in Manhattan teaching guitar. She and her husband also toured Europe and America in the 80s with The Harlem Blues & Jazz Band. King performed and often recorded under a bewildering array of pseudonyms, including Lenore King, Lenore Kinsey, Lola King, Susan King, Susan Lenore King, Nora Lee Lucie, and Nora Lee King Lucie..

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