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Droll Academy

Члены группы Droll Academy: Charlotte Simon, Meike Winter, Oskar Ohlson

Дискография Droll Academy:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Play The Piano Drunk Like A Percussion Instrument Until Your Fingers Begin To Bleed A Bit 12 audio iTunes 2008 Knertz

Droll Academy from Mainz is a trio of Meike Winterismyname on vocals, Scarlet Scamper on piano and Oskar Ohlson on drums. Albeit the group consists of 3/5 of The Latah Movement, The Droll Academy applies a very different style in this setup - turning out to be somewhat of an extraordinary cabaret finding it's leitmotif in an instrumentation of piano, vocals and drums. In order of being able to understand the relation of the Droll Academy, one must start further in the past. The Droll Academy hails from a mill located in the suburbs of Mainz (the 'Droll-Mill'). Amoung this place being the old home of scarlet, it has always been sort of a hideout. Rehearsing for the Latah Movement in the beginnings, little concerts and nightly drinking and music sessions were held, inviting old friends and gaining new ones. Eventhough the Droll Academy ostensibly evolved from The Latah Movement, the mill is more than involved in it's becoming. The academy began with barely teenage scarlet playing the piano to what is now "enemy", accompanied by her friend Meike. Casually carrying this little more-friendship-than-perspective-driven project on, the idea of forming a band and actively performing live arose years later. Now with Oskar on drums, the Droll Academy works with an incredibly high output, playing one concert after the other and recording 13 songs in one day. All these songs are ear candy and you are garantied to catch yourself whistling them after attending a concert.

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