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Sacha Rovelli

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/anicydawn, http://fonoarteblog.blogspot.com/2009/09/artisti-icydawn.html

Дискография Icydawn:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Elucubrations... 2 audio iTunes 2003 Self Inflicted
2 Il Tagliacarte - L'Angelo - I Fantasmi 3 audio iTunes 2008 Show Me Your Wounds Production
3 Humanintelligencearthcancer 11 audio iTunes 2005 Self Inflicted
4 A Matter Of Deathstyle Pt. I 3 audio iTunes 2005 Self Inflicted
5 Un Suono Spirituale, Una Storia Interiore 3 audio iTunes 2006 Self Inflicted
6 Tape Crash#1 11 audio iTunes 2011-10-10 Old Bicycle Records
7 Rituals Of Obsession 4 audio iTunes 2012-04-28 Show Me Your Wounds Production
8 Ignea Occasum Solis 6 audio iTunes 2013-12-04 Show Me Your Wounds Production
9 War Rumbles 7 audio iTunes 2014-01-24 Blackleo Prod.

The experimental Swiss project Icydawn was born in mid 90s, founded by Sacha Rovelli - former guitarist for various new wave and industrial formations ever leaving the testing room (or rehearsal room?) - to find a form of expression, far from compromising the data by the use of conventional instruments, sometimes even the music itself, often simply because the pure manipulation of sounds or samples. The initial work of Icydawn consist of sessions of improvisation made of samples, noises and guitar, or through the use of sounds taken from an old PC and then recorded on tape and sealed with a sticker bearing the word “Icydawn”, then became the name of his project. Ideas more structured and close to the common conception of music began to take shape towards the end of the 90s, with the purchase of a synthesizer GEM S2 third hand and a 60s tape recorder Revox. After putting together a first cassette of live recordings in the studio, see the light its self-production "We Are The Lie Which Lives Upon Itself" in the form of CDR limited to 100 copies. Here, the trial most extreme, some tracks are inspired by synthpop and new wave of the early '80s, even though all distraught and made obsessive. Follow the demo "Elucubrations ..." box containing a single track dark-ambient of 50 minutes, divided into two parts; "Humanintelligencearthcancer", an album of 11 tracks, even at the turn of synthpop, new wave and experimentation harder, "A Matter Of Deathstyle" miniCDr of 3 tracks, designed as a wall of sound devoid of musical structures and on the" Un Suono Spirituale, Una Storia Interiore ", the theme song for the photographic exhibition of the Italian Aimaproject, by the same title. In 2008 it was released by the Swiss miniCD Show Me Your Wounds " Il Tagliacarte - L’Angelo - I Fantasmi" (with name Icydawn + Aimaproject) consisting of three minimal and obscure tracks, that host texts and spoken texts from Aimaproject, plus a ghost track. By this CD, reviewed by important web magazines, Icydawn obtains attention of the gothic-industrial scene, especially in Northern Europe. As a result of that reputation, in 2009 Icydawn sign a contract with the Italian label Revenge Records for the creation of a compilation that gathers material from the beginnings to the present, where a majority of original tracks are accompanied versions and redone /re-elaborate some unpublished. The album will be released in November 2009 and titled "A Personal Collection Of Demo(n)s".

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