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Adriaan Pelzer

Группа в интернете: http://www.new.facebook.com/people/Adriaan_Pelzer/544207149

Дискография Adriaan Pelzer:

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South African musician/artist and open-source nut Adriaan Pelzer formed avant-garde rock group [b]Nothing[/b] in 1996. After that band's demise in 1998, him and ex-bandmate [a=Simon Kruger] started experimenting with glitch and drum 'n bass music via a 350MHz Pentium II and assorted software, resulting in [a=NuL]'s first album in 2004. Also in 2004, he moved to Singapore where he started developing a more hard-edged industrial sound and began experimenting with vocals. In 2005 he created the NuL website, "which acts as the central seeding point for all of NuL's music online." Upon his return to South Africa in early 2006, he beefed up the band into a live show, together with Kruger and two new members, [a=Mareli Minnaar] and [a=Dawid Kahts]. Mr. Pelzer also holds the title of "Musical Director" at [l=PIT Productions].

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