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Mate Balota

Mate Balota

Группа в интернете: http://www.istrapedia.hr/hrv/296/mirkovic-mijo-mate-balota/istra-a-z/

Дискография Mate Balota:

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Mato Balota (real name Mijo Mirković), economist and poet (Rakalj, 28. IX. 1898 – Zagreb, 17. II. 1963. After finishing grammar school in Pazin, Balota experienced the end oft the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in Pula, where he worked as a journalist and editor of the newspaper Hrvatski list. Later on he studied Slavistics and Philosophy in Zagreb and Belgrade. He also was interested in Social studies and Economics which he studied in Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt am Main). Gaining a Ph.D. in the same field he worked throughout former Yugoslavia as an university professor. Concerning his literary interest, he was particulary active in the 1930s. As a poet he is one of the most recognisable names of modern Croatian lyricism of the 20th century. He was often imprisoned during lifetime because of his ideology.

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