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Tribo Sul

Члены группы Tribo Sul: DJ Cavera C

Дискография Tribo Sul:

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TRIBO SUL is one of hip hop's platoons, quartered in the ghettos of Luanda (Angola). Local pioneers of the Hip-hop movement in Angola, TRIBO - as in 'tribe' and SUL - Sobreviventes Unidos a Luta (Survivors united in battle). Consists of three MC's, [b]L.K. Checcovara[/b] ('key of the revolution'), [b]First Page[/b] ('voice of the poor'), and [b]Cavera C. a.k.a L'capitano[/b] ('torch of freedom'), who on behalf of the movement, travelled for miles in search of freedom. Tribo Sul was considered by Angolan society to be bandits, crazy anti-governmental political movement, etc. Victimized by a vast false political propaganda, followed with media blockade, hunted by the police and with the implementation of the military service obligatory, the platoon hardly left their family, friends, their poor affectionate people and the country that saw them born and its barracks, crossing borders seeking for asylum in South Africa (Cape Town). Leaving behind a civil war fed by corrupt power, now unwelcomed by racist society, contaminated by drugs, violence, Aids and xenophobia the platoon face up a new battle. Battle after battle the struggle continues and thank God in one of those daily battle the platoon got hold of [b]Masta Joy[/b] ('Arma ao alcance'), who became the fourth soldier of the platoon. Identified by positive language, revolutionary voices and Afro hardcore beats, representing the BRIGADA SALVA TERRA and the colours black, green and white in the flag with the slogan FREEDOM, PEACE, BREAD and WATER. With 5 to 8 years of street knowledge as experience, the group recorded its first promotional single in September 2000 called Faz Aagain, composed by 3 tracks, 1 year after taking part in the project Genise, the first Angolan underground hip hop compilation. 2 years later Tribo Sul recorded its second single also consisting of 3 tracks called Grava Mensagem, featuring Master M. (Tanzanian Mc), Double P. (from Burundi) and produced by Ghetto Child for Slam Jam production. Tribo Sul normally Rap in Portuguese and English, manifesting the pain, anxiety and sadness in the people's face, protesting against the system which victimizes millions of lives. The group stands for "me, you, he/she, is us", and united in battle, freedom is our destiny. Rap is music, Hip-hop is culture and we are the nation.

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