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Prowl, The

Члены группы Prowl, The: Kevin Gebo, Mikey Flynn, Sean Tucker (3), Shaun Davis, Tommy Von
Группа в интернете: http://theprowl666.bandcamp.com/, https://www.facebook.com/ProwlMA

Дискография Prowl, The:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 What Are You Doing? 6 audio iTunes 2002 Gloom Records
2 Misery 11 audio iTunes 2003 Dead Alive Records
3 What Are You Doing? 6 audio iTunes Gloom Records
4 Witch Hunt 4 audio iTunes 2009 Slasher Records
5 The First Room On The Left 4 audio iTunes 2004 Painkiller Records (2)
6 Hell Outside 2 audio iTunes 2012 Drunkula Records
7 Misery 11 audio iTunes 2003 Dead Alive Records
8 The First Room On The Left 4 audio iTunes 2004 Painkiller Records (2)
9 Cobwebs 2 audio iTunes 2013-12-00
10 Cobwebs 2 audio iTunes 2013-12-00

Formed in the Fall of 2002 the Prowl started off as a side project for Mikey Flynn (ex: Last In Line) and Kevin Gebo (ex: Red Reaction/ Grand Prixx) as a way to try things different from what their current bands at the time were doing. With early influence being drawn from Horror Punk legends Samhain and The Damned, and Hardcore icons Black Flag, Adolescents and Die Kruezen, The Prowl set out down a dark road of Hardcore/Punk destruction. The original line-up of Mikey Flynn (vocals), Kevin Gebo (guitar), Sean Tucker (guitar) Jason Desmarais (Bass) and Shaun Davis (Drums) recorded a demo after a few practices and played their first show in Westfield, Mass with Ringworm. Shortly after the demo's release Gloom Records pressed the demo into the form of a 7" record, titled "What Are You Doing?" The release of this 7" lead to protests and controversy over the 1970's Sleaze/Gore Film influenced artwork. 2003 began with the recording of a 10" record titled "Misery" for Dead Alive/ Manic Ride Records. With this record The Prowl began an evolution of incorporating slower dirges melding with atmospheric, and at times spacey grooves. Shortly after the recording sessions Shaun D. left the band. Tommy Von (ex Cops 'n' Robbers, Pinkerton Thugs, Cut The Shit) longtime friend, roadie came on board as the new drummer. After a tour was planned, Jason Desmarais left the band and was replaced by Doug Free (Bottom Line N.Y.H.C., Rival Mob) as a touring replacement . After tour, the band recorded the 7" ep for Painkiller Records titled "The First Room On The Left." This record featured Mikey Flynn handling bass as well as vocal duty. After a few more dates filling in on bass, Doug eventually joined the band full time that summer. As writing for new material came to fruition, it was decided that Sean Tucker, was to leave the band in the Spring of 2005. The band of Mikey, Gebo, Doug and Tommyt recorded a new record "Witch Hunt", for Slasher Records out of Toronto. Not long after this recording session the band broke up for a few years. The Witch Hunt EP was actually released unbeknownst to the band and garnered new interest in the band. Around 2010 the band started gigging again with a few reunion shows around the Massachusetts area. The lineup for the reunion gigs was Mikey/Gebo/Doug/Tucker/Tommy. After enjoying some good shows, the band recorded a new EP in 2012 "Hell Outside/Way of the Wicked" on Drunkula Records, the Prowl's own record label. The lineup on this record was Mikey/Gebo/Tommy. Gigging for this record was done with CVS aka Colvin Von Schlitzkrieg on bass duties. In 2013 the Prowl released the "Cobwebs" EP on Drunkula/Frequency Deleted Records with the same lineup as the 2012 ep. The Prowl is currently writing for a new LP and gigging out from time to time with Josh Mihlek on bass duties.

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