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DJ Omsun

Alexandr Nikienko

Также известно как: Omsun
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/moonkoradji, http://www.moonkoradji.com

Дискография DJ Omsun:

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Alexandr Nikienko was born in Kiev (the capital of Ukraine), in 1982. He heard trance first at the age of ten. First happened to visit Trance Party when reaching the age of twelve. It was 1995 - the year of birth of Trance Culture in Ukraine. The culture almost absorbed him and greatly changed his life. From the year of 2000 starts his Dj and organizer career. He is a founder of one of the oldest promo-systems of Ukraine called Moon Koradji. In august 2007 was made first steps to compile first cd. That days was created Moon Koradji Records.

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