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Wasteland Jazz Unit

Члены группы Wasteland Jazz Unit: John Rich (3), Jon Lorenz
Группа в интернете: http://wastelandjazzunit.bandcamp.com, http://www.myspace.com/wastelandjazzunit

Дискография Wasteland Jazz Unit:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Ohio Ghastly Soil 3 audio iTunes 2008 Dreamsheep
2 Torturing Nurse + Wasteland Jazz Unit 2 audio iTunes 2008 905 Tapes
3 Solar Static Coves 3 audio iTunes 2008-07-13 American Tapes
4 Shadow Flood Shrine 2 audio iTunes 2008-08-00 Excite Bike
5 Shroud Of Furnace Souls 2 audio iTunes 2008 Skeleton Dust Recordings
6 Eclipsed Bridge 2 audio iTunes 2008 Deep Fried Tapes
7 Casting Of Heights 2 audio iTunes 2008 Chironex
8 Split 2 audio iTunes 2007 Community College
9 Wasteland Werewolves 2 audio iTunes 2008 Hung Like A Horse?!
10 Ecstatic Jazz Duos 3 audio iTunes 2008-10-07 Thor's Rubber Hammer Productions
11 Untitled 2 audio iTunes 2007 Epicene Sound Replica
12 Split 2 audio iTunes 2008 Community College
13 Barren Sect 3 audio iTunes 2009 Cut Hands
14 Complete Spring Tour 2009 12 audio iTunes 2009-06-15 DroneDisco
15 Wasteland Jazz Unit 2 audio iTunes 2009 Poor Little Music
16 Drained Vault 4 audio iTunes 2009 905 Tapes
17 Ordained Solace 2 audio iTunes 2008-10-30 Middle James Co
18 Shivering Reflections 3 audio iTunes 2010 House Of Alchemy
19 Split 2 audio iTunes 2010-03-00 Neon Blossom Records
20 Untitled 6 audio iTunes 2010-04-00 Catholic Tapes
21 Marked by Lines 5 audio iTunes 2010 5nakefork
22 Caustic Gate 3 audio iTunes 2010-10-00 Dromos Records
23 Untitled 2 audio iTunes Celebrity Sex Tapes
24 Absence Pact 3 audio iTunes 2009-04-00 Outfall Channel
25 Nests Of Lunar Flies 3 audio iTunes 2007-11-00 Not On Label (Wasteland Jazz Unit Self-released)

Wasteland Jazz Unit is [a=Jon Lorenz] on saxophone and [a=John Rich (3)] on clarinet. They are a Cincinnati (Ohio) duo and they play an amorphous, hyper-amplified free noise which is blasting screaming horn squeals and damaged contact mics thrown into your ears. The group frequently collaborates with other groups/artists. Collaborations include: Ryan Jewell C. Spencer Yeh Teeth Collection D. B. H. Pete Fosco Mike Shiflet Fred Lonberg-Holm Bad People John Moloney (not the one from Sunburned!) The Organs (as Wasteland Jazz Organs) Ettrick, Tony Dryer, C. Spencer Yeh, Ryan Jewell (as Storm of Corpses) Demonlogists (as Wasteland Werewolves) Chris Kulscar, Patrick Thibodeaux (as Wasteland Jazz Ensemble) Contact: wastelandjazzunit@gmail.com

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