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Gorkem Ogut

Gorkem Ogut

Дискография Gorkem Ogut:

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Gorkem started his music career in 1998 by playing alto saxophone in various jazz, funk and disco bands. He performed at several clubs and bars in Ankara with his main project HOT SAUCE Show Band and other bands which he had chance to play with. In 2001 he focused on the electronic music which he considers as “an ocean that allows people to produce music not only with well- known instrumental voices but with the voices they started to breed on their own”. Hence, he intensified his interest of collecting archive, that he keeps on since the high school years, as to this idea. In his sets created with Ableton Live, Gorkem blends deep elements on tech base and minimal clacks on computer and establish his own style . Propably this genuine style of his music was the reason of winning high praises from the worldwide Djs like Nick Warren and Pascal Feos. He also had chance to play with global stars like Dave Seamen, Robert Babicz and Peter Novak during his career. Gorkem still keeps up his music career and performs in alternative music projects as a DJ and playing his saxophone as well.

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