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Flawless (4)

Группа в интернете: https://myspace.com/fls550, https://www.hitlab.com/display-bio?u=29061, http://www.reverbnation.com/flawlessf700

Дискография Flawless (4):

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Brooklyn born rapper Flawless, considers his up bringing an education in survival. In this environment he became a sponge, soaking in his urban surroundings until, one night, on a Brooklyn corner, while in a rap cypher, the stories began to pour out. Those who witnessed his lyrical birth knew he had something special. His first CD “Flawless”, broke the BEATSTREET record for most sold in a single day by an underground artist and since starting out 7 years ago, Flawless has appeared on over 400 mixtapes, performing with the likes of [a257273], [a209479], [a170239], [a293744], [a37906], and Flip Mode. In 2006 Flawless was also nominated for underground mix tape artist of the year, whilst his Myspace page boasts of well over 100,000 song plays with over 175,000 friends. Flawless is an intelligent artist who knows how to rock a live crowd with his club songs and satisfy hip-hop intellectuals with his lyrics. Now with the support of RAM/Stackhouse Entertainment behind him, he has the strong guidance and management team it takes to get to the attention he deserves.

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