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Mitch Marcus

Также известно как: Lalin
Группа в интернете: http://mitchmarcusmusic.com/, http://thejaponizeelephants.com/mitch-marcus/

Дискография Mitch Marcus:

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Mitch Marcus is a saxophonist who plays and tours regularly with groups running the gamut from progressive jazz to afro-beat and the folk music of 60’s icon Donovan. He plays in The Mitch Marcus Quintet, Sam Minaie’s trio Heyo, Aphrodesia, The Japonize Elephants, Invaders Trio, Jaan Gaati Band, Molly Tigre, Stanley, Aaron Freeman's Marvelous Clouds tour, Donovan's band, and Hush the Musical, for all of which he is or was Musical Director. He is a prolific composer, writing for his own jazz quartet in addition to the Mitch Marcus Quintet, and the MMQ + 13 big band, has been commissioned to compose for the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco, Oakland’s ‘Counterpointe’ dance company, and several independent films. Marcus holds a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies from the Indiana University School of Music at Bloomington, where he studied with David Baker and Tom Walsh.

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