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Sebastian A. Dusza

Sebastian Arkadiusz Dusza

Группа в интернете: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sebastian-A-Dusza/125238116247, http://www.filmweb.pl/person/Sebastian+A.+Dusza-111354

Дискография Sebastian A. Dusza:

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Sebastian Arkadiusz Dusza was born in 1978. Already as a child he became interested in music. His first simple compositions started to appear in 1984. During his whole childhood, Sebastian had contact with various music genres, from classical music to rock and metal. Already in his elementary school, he got his first toy synthesizer which he used to learn how to play, strumming what he heard. Then music paled into insignificance for a while due to exploring other passions and of course school chores, yet fascination with electronic music remained. In 1995, Sebastian’s parents got him his first PC with a soundcard which resulted in first attempts of composing music using Scream Tracker, and next Fast Tracker software. In 1996, he gave life to music project under the name Citadel of Mo. When asked about what inspired him to do so, the author stated that “the idea to create a music project came to being from the hidden urge to create music which slumbered somewhere within.” The project’s output includes several dozen of works starting from club techno, and ending on mellow moods of electronic music. Sebastian Dusza remains the leader and main producer of Citadel of Mo, while the project itself is open to cooperation with other artists. In 2005, Sebastian discovered VSTi virtual instruments and the FL Studio software. At that time, he decided to recapitulate on his most interesting works up to date in the form of his first mini-album, “Data From the Sky“. In 2006, Sebastian bought a MIDI keyboard. He started to build his home studio. In December the very same year, a new album, entitled “Next Chapter” appeared. This was his first album which came to being already in a uniform editing environment. In 2007, works of Citadel of Mo appeared in the autopilot of El-Stacja (El-Station), a non-commercial internet radio broadcasting Polish electronic music. That year, a musical motive for the movie “Agent 700: Kryptonim N.” (”Agent 700: Codename N.“) was created and distributed as an mp3 maxi-single through a website. A broadcast in El-Stacja dedicated in total to Citadel of Mo appeared a year later. 2008 became a virtuous circle for Citadel of Mo. On May 15th the broadcast of Jerzy Kordowicz (in the third channel of the Polish radio) featured “Planet RX” as a bonus to Piotr Krupski’s “Elbing 1904″, on May 31st the same composition appeared in El-Stacja in Markowe granie (Mark’s Playlist), and on July 11th once again in the broadcast of Jerzy Kordowicz. Sebastian A. Dusza derives inspiration for his works from different music genres, from classical to popular music, and ethnic music from various part of the world. His works are included in the following compilations: Contemporary Electronic Soundscapes vol. III - “ROBOT FAIRY TALES” (”Voyage Through the Stars (Robot Voice version)“) and Contemporary Electronic Soundscapes vol. IV - “THE DARK SIDE OF THE MIND” (”Dark Side of the Soul“). In the third channel of the Polish radio Jerzy Kordowicz broadcasted, apart from “Planet RX“, “Voyage Through the Stars (Robot Voice Version)” from the album CES III. El-Stacja broadcasted such compositions as “One Day in Gdynia“, “Behind the Mind” and “Onse madonse (feat. DJ Placus)“, and in addition “Third Eye” which came as 2nd in its premiere charts.

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