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Chronic Infection

Nenad Kecojević, Darko Holpert, Milan Štrbac, Saša Karanović

Также известно как: C.I.
Члены группы Chronic Infection: Darko Holpert, Milan Štrbac, Nenad Kecojević, Saša Karanović

Дискография Chronic Infection:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Dok Anđeli Spavaju 13 audio iTunes 1994 Tri Drugara Records

Under the influence of the american wave of metal/hardcore outfits (which were popular at that time) like Spermbirds, Agnostic Front & Pantera, Drki (bass), Keca (drums), Baca & Kara (guitars) form Chronic Infection in 1991 at Novi Sad, Serbia. From the beginning they played a mixture of hardcore, with ska, metal, punk & grindcore. Their concert activity was concentrated on city clubs. In 1992 they played as a warm up group for Proleće. First demo tapes were done by the end of 1991. which allowd them to receive the air play on radio. Due to political and econimical problems in the country, they did less gigs. In 1995 had two gigs at Underground, because of the band members different views on the bands future, they fell apart. Chronic Infection has only two releases behind them: 'Dok Anđeli Spavaju' (1994) tape compilation & 'We Miss Peace' (1995) tape compilation. Band members: Nenad Kecojević Keca - drums Darko Holpert Drki - bass Milan Štrbac - guitar Saša Karanović - guitar

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