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Douglas Smith

Douglas Smith

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Дискография Douglas Smith:

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U.K. Radio speaker Died on 15.10.1972 He began his broadcasting career with the BBC European Service (now the World Service) in 1946 and later worked as an announcer and newsreader on the Home Service and the Third Programme. He is perhaps best known as the very formal announcer on Beyond Our Ken (1958–1964), its more famous successor Round the Horne (1965–1968) and the short-lived Stop Messing About (1969–1970), where his 'BBC accent' was used to comic effect. Listeners remember him for advertising Dobbiroids (a fictional product for horses) and the huge number of naïve sound effects he made to assist in the development of humorous and often bizarre plots. Many of his roles were portrayals of inanimate objects.

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