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Josephine Collective

Члены группы Josephine Collective: Albert Redwine, Alex Sandate, Damon Baltuska, Dillon Devoe, Martin Swank
Группа в интернете: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josephine_Collective

Дискография Josephine Collective:

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Josephine Collective (formerly known as Josephine Love Letter, and as simply Josephine before changing to the name present by which they came to be known) was a pop rock band from Johnson County, Kansas, which formed in 2004. An encounter with [a=John Feldmann] led to the group being invited to tour as an opener for [a=Goldfinger (7)], as well as signing a deal with Warner Bros. Records. Feldmann produced Josephine Collective's first EP (the Living EP) which was released in 2007, and recorded their first full length (We Are The Air) in Los Angeles, CA, which was released for digital download on June 24, 2008. In support of the release, the band toured with contemporaries such as The Used, Story Of The Year, and Madina Lake, and performed at both the 2008 Bamboozle Left Festival in California, and the 2008 Bamboozle Festival in New Jersey. Beginning in mid-2008, the band went through a number of changes. Albert Redwine, the band's keyboard player, left in early 2008 to focus on his music production alias, Fire For Effect. In early October, Josephine Collective was released from their contract with Warner Bros. due to a disagreement regarding how their promotion was being handled. This prompted Colby Logback (bass) and Jared Bond (drums) to quit the band, leaving the four remaining members of Craig Martin Swank, Damon Baltuska, Alex Sandate, and Dillon Teague DeVoe. Sandate and DeVoe both decided to move from vocals to drums and bass duties, respectively. On May 23, 2009, Josephine Collective played their final performance at Kansas City's Beaumont Club, but they have since played at least one reunion.

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