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Rob Wunderman

Rob Wunderman

Группа в интернете: http://www.facebook.com/rob.wunderman, http://www.linkedin.com/pub/rob-wunderman/0/3b0/5a2

Дискография Rob Wunderman:

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American record industry professional based in New York City. Held the Label Manager/A&R position for [l=King Street Sounds]/[l=Nite Grooves], [l=Easy Street Records], [l=Power Music], [I=Max Trax] and [I=Grei Matter] where he released more than 700 singles and 60 albums in the genres of House, EDM and Pop. Resident deejay/video jock at Private Eyes Video Nightclub, Limelight, Drums, Milk Bar, 4D and Reigns between 1982 - 1992. Indi "Hit Man" (1987 - 1992) working the projects of [a=Stevie B], [a=Natalie Cole], [a=EPMD], [a=Rick Astley], [a=UB40], [a=Lenny Kravitz], [a=Gerald Lavert], [a=Simply Red], [a=En Vogue], [a=Keith Sweat] [a=Enigma], [a=Maxi Priest], [a=Thomas Dolby], [a=Vanessa Williams], [a=Mark Cohn], [a=Kym Simms] and [a=Sounds of Blackness] to NY radio and Billboard's pop, rap, club and retail reporters. Business affairs manager and booking agent handling representation of producers, singers and deejays including [a=Kerri Chandler], [a=Blaze], [a=Jon Cutler], [a=Kimara Lovelace], [a=Roy Davis], [a=Dj Duke], [a=Roland Clark] and [a=Felix The Housecat].

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