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Worried Men Skiffle Group

Также известно как: Worried Men, Worried Men Skiffle Group, The, Worried Men, The
Члены группы Worried Men Skiffle Group: Gerhard Richter (2), Herbert Janata
Группа в интернете: http://www.worried-men.at/

Дискография Worried Men Skiffle Group:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 I Bin A Weh / Basilisk 2 audio iTunes 1975 Atom (2)
2 I Wü, Oba I Drau Mi Ned 2 audio iTunes 1974 Atom (2)
3 Da Mensch Is A Sau 2 audio iTunes 1970 Ariola
4 Poptakes 14 audio iTunes 1988 Amadeo
5 Teppenförderung 12 audio iTunes 1974 Atom (2)
6 Wandern Durch Den Wienerwald / Oberstleutnant 2 audio iTunes 1977 EMI Columbia Austria
7 The Damn Best Dance Band In Town 14 audio iTunes 1971 Ariola
8 Glaubst I Bin Bled / Keep On The Sunny Side 2 audio iTunes 1970 Ariola
9 Trottel Kannst Mi Hass'n 2 audio iTunes 1970 Ariola
10 I Bin A Wunda / Da Schendste Mann Fon Wien 2 audio iTunes 1970
11 Karl Wie Schaust Du Aus 2 audio iTunes 1972 Ariola
12 An Schenan Gruass Vom Rock N' Roll / Du Bist Da Schenste Stern 2 audio iTunes 1976 Atom (2)

The Worried Men Skiffle Group, founded in 1960, is the oldest, still existing Band of the so-called "Austopop" style, which they have co-founded. This was the first band to bring the local dialect into pop song lyrics, mixing it with improvised folk music. They got a whole new era in the Austrian music scene started: In the beginning it was called "Dialektwelle" (= dialect wave) which finally was labeled as "Austropop". Due to copyright problems, most of their ground breaking early songs are unfortunately not available on CD in the original versions, e. g. the legendary hit "I bin a Wunder" (= "I'm some kind of wonder"), a follow-up to their No. 1 single in Austria, "Glaubst i bin bled" ("D'you think I'm dumb") (with lyrics from a Konrad Bayer poem). The lyrics of the Worried Men songs are often misunderstood as "comedy", ignoring the social critisism and the bitter irony in the undertone which is never missing.

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