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B. Crown

Члены группы B. Crown: Dirk Scholz, Pegman

Дискография B. Crown:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Snow Of Yesterday 10 audio iTunes 1989 Not On Label (B. Crown Self-released)

B. Crown (means Beggars Crown) was a band of the so called underground scene of East Germany. It was founded 1988 by the former members of the band “Rosengarten” Alex Carstensson (voc & lyrics) and Torsten „Pegman“ Füchsel (guitar). The origin set completed Felix Groß (bass), Dirk „Scholle“ Scholz (drums) and Alexandra Dimitroff (cello). In their first year they played a gloomy Post Rock. Beginning of 1989 the rythm-group was replaced; further they have forgone the use of a cello. New members were Frank Habetha (bass) and Peter Mieting (drums). With the new line up the repertoire changed increasingly to Alternative Rock. The song „Children Of The Sun“ had Airplay at East-German radio station ‘DT64’ and West-Berlin station ‘Radio 100’. October 1990 marked the end of B. Crown. 1991 and 1997 the band could be seen again for single shows at Berlin stages. The following projects of the members: Pegman - Kashmir, Kampanella Is Dead, Herbst In Peking, Lunika, The Hidden Sea; Habetha - Kampanella Is Dead, Sub Dub Micro Maschine; Mieting - Kampanella Is Dead, Iron Henning; Alex – Polarzoo (Scandinavian Music Agency); Scholle – Die Anderen, Die Art, Corvus Corax (aka Donar von Avignon); Alexandra Dimitroff - Di Grine Kuzine.

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