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Veikko Juntunen

Veikko Johannes Juntunen

Также известно как: U. Juntunen, V. Juntunen

Дискография Veikko Juntunen:

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Born on September 18, 1946 in Posio, Finland. A Finnish lyricist and composer. He has written songs all by himself, but he has also worked with other songwriters, either as a lyricist or as a composer. His first released song was "Nuoruus on hetki vain" in 1970, performed by [a=Matti Esko]. Also in the 1970's he started to co-work with singer [a=Jamppa Tuominen], and he ended up recording over 50 songs written by Juntunen. Pseudonyms: Manna Korpi, Tiina Kouva, O. Nuutimo and Papol.

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