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Elio D'Anna

Также известно как: D' Anna, D'Anna, E. D'Anna, Elio Danna

Дискография Elio D'Anna:

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Italian flutist, singer, arranger and record producer born in Naples. Towards the end of the Sixties he joined the band of [a=Showmen, The (2)], then in 1971 he founded the [a=Osanna] with which he made 4 LP released by [l=Fonit Cetra]. in 1974 created the band [a=Uno (8)] (1 LP and 1 single always with the Fonit). Then creates the [a=Nova (38)] with which from 1976 to 1978 he made 4 albums. From the early Eighties arranges and produces important Italian rock star such as [a=Zucchero] and [a=Renato Zero].

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