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Kohsuke Mine

峰厚介(Mine Kosuke)

Также известно как: Косуке Мине, K. Mine, Kohske Mine, Kosuke Mine, Kousuke Mine, 峰厚介
Группа в интернете: http://www.aomori-net.ne.jp/~yamagen/mine/top.htm, http://www.jazz.com/encyclopedia/mine-kosuke, http://www.jazzmusicarchives.com/kohsuke-mine.aspx

Дискография Kohsuke Mine:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Out Of Chaos 3 audio iTunes 1974 East Wind
2 Sunshower 4 audio iTunes 1976 East Wind
3 Sunshower 4 audio iTunes 1976 East Wind
4 Sunshower 4 audio iTunes 1979 East Wind

Japanese jazz and jazz-fusion saxophonist. Born on February 6, 1944 in Tokyo. Released his debut leader album in 1970 on japan jazz label Three Blind Mice (also TBM first release). He left the clarinet program at his high school to turn pro in 1962 with the Blue Seven. In 1969 he earned accolades as a member of Masabumi Kikuchi 's quintet; a year later he released his first record, Morning Tide. He studied in the US for a time in the seventies, and returned to Japan in 1975 with an interest in fusion, recording Sunshower and other records as a founding member of Native Son. He worked with many jazz musicians, including Masabumi Kikuchi, Mal Waldron, Gil Evans, and Sadao Watanabe. He has more recently recorded with a standard quintet and with Masahiko TogashI's J.J. Spirits Alias and bands: Kosuke Mine Quartet, Mine Kosuke Quintet, Kohske Mine, Native Son, Four Sounds Recordings: Mine (1970); First (1970 with masabumi kikuchi,larry ridley,lenny mcbrowne ), Second Album (TBM 1972), Daguri (1973), Yellow Carcass in the Blue feat. Kimiko Kasai (TBM 8), Out of Chaos (1974), Solid (1975), Sunshower (East Wind 1976), Major to Minor (1993), Duo (Verve 1994), In a Maze (Verve1995), Balancez (1997), Rendez Vous (2004), Killing Floor (2004), Plays Standards (2008), With Your Soul (2011) + LPs from band Native Son (1978 onwards) and Four Sounds (90')

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