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Alessio Magenta, Luca Sammartin

Группа в интернете: http://www.container2072.com, http://soundcloud.com/container

Дискография Container:

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ContaineR are Alessio Magenta and Luca Sammartin. In 2002 they started to compose music in order to fill it into some CDs that were shared eachother as a birthday/christmas gift. Their approach to that music can be summarized as Dada versus Braindance. By 2008 they began to work together, focusing on a sound that, even though mutant, could be in some episode defined as "massively dreamy", and in 2010 Snowy Peach released the first Personal Brainer, in a series of six. "This is the dance of 2072" is a phrase born during a Luca's 2003 recording, and well expresses their working plan.

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