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Natalie Beridze

Natalie Beridze

Также известно как: Natalie Beridze TBA, Natalie tba Beridze, TBA_Natalie Beridze

Дискография Natalie Beridze:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Forget'fulness 14 audio iTunes 2011 Monika Enterprise
2 Pending 13 audio iTunes 2009 Laboratory Instinct

Natalie Beridze aka Tusia Beridze aka Nate Fisher aka TBA was born and lives in Tbilisi, Georgia, situated in between Caucasus and Armenia where some of the most beautiful people are coming from, where red wine has the colour of dark blood and where they use an incredibly complex alphabet out of playful ornaments. Natalie / Tusia / TBA graduated in political sciences and media, being a member of the artistic collective Goslab which was founded in Tbilisi at that time, http://www.goslab.de After some work in visual media, such as short films and music videos, she soon fell in for making music and didn't take long to understand the technical necessities in order to produce electronic music. In 2002 she got a deal on WMF Records, Berlin and decided to move there. Living in Germany under the artist name TBA she started to travel and play life in many parts of the world. During this time she has been releasing music on 'max.Ernst', a cologne-based label, founded and run by the electronic music producer Thomas Brinkmann. Altogether she released about 7 full albums and 12"es and contributed tracks for labels such as Monika Records, Collette and Chain-Music, an internet based platform, run by Ryuichi Sakamoto WWW.SITESAKAMOTO.COM/CHAINMUSIC In 2007 she moved back to Tiblisi where she is right now working on a mutual project with Joerg Follert (Wechsel Garland, Wunder)

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