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Original Evergreen, The

Члены группы Original Evergreen, The: Mark Buchanan, Watkin Tudor Jones

Дискография Original Evergreen, The:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Puff The Magik 6 audio iTunes 1995 Epic
2 Burn The Evidence 8 audio iTunes 1997 Epic

South African Rap band, featuring Rappers Brendon le Roux, [a=Watkin Tudor Jones], and musicians Gaston Goliath (Drummer), Sebastian Voigt (Bass, Programming), [a=Mark Buchanan] (Guitarist), Richard Bruyns (Slide Guitar), Stephen Trollip (Saxophone), Sven Mc Alpine (Drums). The group released their heavily controversial track "Puff The Magik" in 1995 which was banned from African radio due to its lyrics about Ganja consumption. in 1996, after the track would later win a SAMA music award for Best Rap Album award, Watkin Tudor Jones left to join chameleon records to release one solo album and later form [a=Max Normal]. The Band released Burn The Evidence in 1997, which caused more notoriety in the ZA music scene. In 1998 the band resurfaced in Cape Town with a new line up featuring Brendon le Roux (Vox), Sebastian Voigt (Bass, Programming), Richard Bruyns (Slide Guitar), Stephen Trollip (Saxophone) Phat Jack (turntables), Tasha Baxter (vocals) and Sven Mc Alpine (Drums), and played extensively in Cape Town and Johannesburg while working on a new album titled 'Addictive Personalities' produced by Warrick Sony (Kalahari Surfers) and featuring a guest appearance by Arno Carstens (Springbok Nude Girls). The album was to be released on the Sheer Sound label, but it caused such uproar in the South African press due to the contents of its lyrics that Sheer Sound were forced to withdraw it. The still unreleased album 'Addictive Personalities' is the final chapter in the Original Evergreen story as it resulted in the band splitting up.

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