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Katsuhiko Sagai

Группа в интернете: http://katsuhikosagai.com/diary/, http://yourecord.org/

Дискография Katsuhiko:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Collaboration Series: Volume 2 3 audio iTunes 2009-04-29 Revolver Recordings
2 Elemind Remixied 3 audio iTunes 2011-03-14 Nice & Nasty Records
3 Genome 2-1 2 audio iTunes 2014 You Record (2)
4 Genome 2-1 2 audio iTunes 2014 You Record (2)

Born in Sapporo city, Japan. Lives in Berlin since April 2011. In early 2000, He became involved with 'NORDFORM', the Sapporo-based group which propagates music, art and design, and participated in the party organising and art activities. He spent some time performing as a DJ based in Sapporo, but soon he began to consider using his own sounds to 'express' and 'make people dance' and begun producing music on the laptop. In 2007, He participated in DEAF (Dublin Electronic Arts Festival) the Irish electronic art event, as SketchPad, which was formed with Waterprotetion (sud electronic). After DEAF, He has worked as a re-mixer for the Ireland label Nice and Nasty since 2008. Katsuhiko has worked also with Jeff Milligan's Revolver and Synapse labels in Canada and produced with Jeff's inputs. The style of live sound is the Techno - Tech house style, based on the heavy, solid bottom line with the clicky rhythm and lyrical melodies as preference. He is an original artist and unique person who is releasaing his debut album 'PENTACLE' on nice & nasty in May 2010.This album is follwed by Richie Hawtin(M-nus), Orde Meikle(SLAM), Dave Clarke, Laurent Garnier etc. He has launched own label "You record" since September in 2011, He played at Berlin Music Days - BerMuDa - at Chez Jacki in 2011. 11th March In 2012, He became a part of Charty event for FUKUSHIMA and Japan at Friese Museum in Berlin.

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