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Mystro (6)

Eric Johnson

Также известно как: Eric Johnson, Music Mystro, Mystro
Группа в интернете: http://musicmystro.com/, http://twitter.com/MusicMystro

Дискография Mystro (6):

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Mystro was born and raised in the Bronx, NY. Raised by his mother and father and grandparents, he grew up listening to different types of music ranging from Michael Jackson to Prince and Marvin Gaye; Slick Rick to Big Daddy Kane. At age 11 Mystro started learning how to DJ by going to his next door neighbor and playing records learning. There he learned how to catch drops, breaks, snares and kicks. A year later Mystro picked another hobby which consisted of writing rhymes, and recording them in a home studio down the block from his house. Around The age of 17 Mystro grew an interest in music production due to a fall out with a producer he worked with. During this time, Mystro also to interned at Untertainment Records. At Untertainment, Mystro learned key points from each department such as Promotions, A&R and Marketing. On Some Nights he would find himself in the studio with producers Lance "Un" Rivera and Darrell 'Digga" Branch. Mystro always had quick eyes and a keen sense of hearing. This aided him to figure out what "Un" and Digga were saying and doing. Non the less, Mystro questioned each and every move. At the age of 20, Mystro met Sacario who was signed to, at that time, Elektra Records. Mystro managed to land 7 songs on the 17 track street album, which gave him a heavy street buzz. Mystro has supplied music to a lot of independent projects as, well as Majors. To date Mystro have been blessed to produce many songs and has worked Majors like former Murder Inc. Super Producer Chink Santana, LL COOL J, Smif n Wessun, The Clipse, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, Jr Writer, Young City aka Chopper formerly of Bad Boys Da Band, A+, Product G&B, Reggae/Dancehall artist Lexxxus, and Many More. Let's not forget about Mystro's DJ influence to the Music Industry. Mystro has had the opportunity to DJ for Chopper, Mr. Cheeks, Lil Troy, The And 1 Streetballers and many Clubs and Colleges across the nation. Recently Mystro won the 2010 Underground Music Award for The Best Emerging Producer of The Year but says he is nowhere near pleased or satisfied with the little accomplishments that he has made thus far; but as long as he has his team behind him, supporting him, he's not going to stop until he feels he's done everything he can to make himself one of the elite producers out there.

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