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Mr. Fat (3)

Ashley Titus

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/mrfatbvk

Дискография Mr. Fat (3):

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Born December 28th, 1970 in Bonteheuwel on the Cape Flats, South Africa, Ashley Titus, better known as Mr. Fat, was a TV show host and a hip-hop MC, rhyming in Afrikaans. He started making hip hop in the 1980s, as well as hosting a hip hop show on Bush Radio. In the 1990s he rapped for Cape Flats-based hip hop group [a=Brasse Vannie Kaap], who won an audience that crossed both musical and racial boundaries, attracting hip hop and rock fans of various ethnic backgrounds; they were also noted for their prominent use of the Afrikaans language in their music. With BVK, he also became known for his strong community involvement, musical focus on Cape Flats issues, and attempts to reach out to youth imprisoned in local jails. The 1990s also saw Titus present a magazine show simply named Hip Hop for the MK89 music channel. This focussed on the South African hip hop scene while also playing videos by international artists. Ashley Titus died November 27, 2007 at Groote Schuur hospital in Rondebosch, Southern Suburbs due to complications arising from Lupus. He was survived by his mother and grandmother, and his funeral took place on December 3rd at the Methodist church in Bonteheuwel. Rest In Peace.

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