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Venture Lift

Группа в интернете: http://www.venturelift.com, http://www.venturelift.bandcamp.com

Дискография Venture Lift:

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Venture Lift is the recording project of Stanton Warren former member of the Canadian shoegaze group Inner Sound Accelerator who performed between 1995-1999 in St. Catharines and Toronto, Ontario. A New York native, Stanton relocated to Woodstock, NY in 2000 when ISA broke up. Venture Lift was first formed in 2003. He began writing and recording original material, releasing demos "Music for the Forgotten Ones" on DIY tape in early 2001 and as Astropod on CD called "In The Know" in 2002. Other members of the group have included Ben Sebastion aka Ben Vita on drums and Ash Umhey of The Alchemy Unit on bass and lead guitar. Venture Lift's debut LP CD entitled "Futuretoreal" (2007) and the follow-up "Tower of Spacious Karma" (2011) were released on the Detroit space rock label Mind Expansion Records run by Randall Nieman of the space rock group Fuxa. VL was included in 2008 on the "Chamber Music, 1907" compilation recording verse V of the early romantic poem of the same name by James Joyce released on Fire Records in England. Stanton was also recently one half of Avondale Airforce releaseing a full length LP and CD in 2012 on Beast Records (France) and on Thick Syrup (USA) respectively. Venture Lift is back this year with "A Room In a Grand Hotel" produced by Ted Orr and Stanton at Sertso Studio in Woodstock. Look for the CD/LP soon with artwork by James Marsh.

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