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Manuel Savu

Manuel Savu

Также известно как: M. Savu, Magic Manu Savu, Savu Manuel
Группа в интернете: http://www.manusavu.com

Дискография Manuel Savu:

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Romanian musician, was born on November 29th. The year 1986 finds Manu as the guitarist of a famous Romanian rock band, playing on the most important stage of the nation, in front of a delirious crowd. Another defining moment is the year 1988, when he buys his first. Fender Stratocaster guitar - this is the beginning of Manu's love for Fender guitars. He spent the following years touring Romania with the biggest rock bands of the moment, and even with a blues band of which he has fond memories. During those years he discovered and honed his compositional abilities, the result consisting in over 10 albums for which he wrote the music. These albums appeared on the market mostly under the name of the bands of which he was part at the time, but there were also a few that he composed for well-known solo artists from Romania.

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