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Kid Chris

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/deejaykidchris, http://www.kid-chris.com, http://info@kid-chris.com

Дискография Kid Chris:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 In Bed With Space (Ibiza World Series) Part 15 34 audio iTunes 2013-05-27 Clubstar
2 In Bed With Space - Ibiza Club Sounds Vol. 16 34 audio iTunes 2014-03-28 Clubstar

There are not many clubs around the globe, Kid Chris has not visit in the past. The list of clubs he already visited as a guest dj, is endless. He was born and grown up in Germany and still lives there. Chris travels the world - always bringing good music and happy vibes with him. Kid Chris is there, where the party is. With his inimitable and pushing sound, he animates and excites every party crowd allover the globe. Partying with pure pleasure. A great mixture of high quality house music and uplifting electro vibes. He combines both styles of music to a rockin’ mixture of Ibiza vibes, completed with massive hands up anthems. Whenever he stands behind the turntables, he lets his multi-international background influence his innovative sets. This Dj’s music selection doesn’t only amaze the crowd, but also Djs from all over the globe! He is known for his unfinished energy that motive to dance, to sing and definitely lifts up! He has remixed acts and dj..s from all over the world as Lenny Fontana, Kraze or the german Pop Act “Rosenstolz”, to name a few. High Quality Dance Labels like Ministry of Sound, Universal, Milk & Sugar, Pacha Recordings (Ibiza), Clubstar Records or Open Bar Music (U.s.) signed Kid Chris for Releases, Remixes or Compilations with great success and chart placements in Europe, Asia and United States. In 2008 you can find his releases and remixes on the biggest and most sold Ibiza compilations in the world. -Cream Ibiza 2008 (contains Kid Chris – South Beach) and -Pure Pacha Ibiza (contains Guernica – Darkness // Kid Chris Remix). As a high profile DJ, Kid Chris is always on tour around the world and visits world..s finest venues, clubs, festivals, tv shows and radio stations. Since many years he has regular appearances on MTV Germany (Becks Gold Tour with Fedde le Grand, Westbam etc.), Mtv Asia (Live in Singapure), Viva Germany (Stylenights with Michael Gray, Milk and Sugar, Disco Boys etc.) and Viva Club Rotation (Poland, U.K., Germany and Spain Ibiza) which accompanied him around the world to venues like Space Ibiza, Pacha Munich, Extravaganza Warsaw, Attica Singapure and Bed Supper Club in Bagkok (selected assortment). Also the biggest tv and radio format, You Fm Clubnight, booked him in 2007 for a huge tv an radio appearance broadcasted on the german tv station HR3 (formally HR3 Clubnight). Huge festivals like Loveparade (Germany) on the Space Ibiza or Ministry of Sound Trucks, Madeira Island Festival (Portugal, 25000 Guests for one stage), Nomandsland Festival (Hungary, Partysan Stage) Ibiza Island Festival (Big City Beats, Kingka Beach, Frankfurt/ Germany) Clubs like Cocoon and Maxxim (his residency) in Germany, Sankeys and Jaxx Club in U.k., Set in Miami U.s., Chillout Club Luanda, Angola and Pacha Marrakesh, Morocco in Africa, Attica in Ssingapure, Loft in Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur and bed Supperclub in Bangkok, to give you an example of the repertory of Kid Chris. The whole list is too long to show here. He was booked for events like: In Bed with Space, In Touch with Ibiza, We Love Space (Worldtour), Ibiza Reunion, La Troya Ibiza, Winter Music Conference, Mtv Gold Tour, Viva Style Nighs Tour, Fuck Me I..m Famous and many many more. He already played alongside the biggest names of the scene like Eric Morillo, Deep Dish, Fedde le Grand, Carl Cox, David Guetta, Barbara Tucker and countless other great artists. His story of being a professional dj began in the year 2002 when the legendary and successful event “In Bed with Space” was founded by Mind Group owner Ceto Geray. In Bed with Space has its Wednesday morning residency at one of the world’s most famous clubs, Space / Ibiza, voted to be the best global club four times already! At In bed with Space, Kid Chris presents his sound on the terrace of Space. The original party from Ibiza is more than successful all over the world. Today it..s also one of the most popular clubtours worldwide and has visited the best clubs on every continent on planet earth. Raised in Germany, Chris had the opportunity to have international influences of all kinds of music. Hip Hop, RnB, Jazz, Soul and of course electronic music. In fact he started djing in the age of 12 years. This mixture of music impressed him and he started to give people his own definition of music. His debut track “South Beach” was a great success. Chris made the vocals for this Club anthem by his own and the Track is supported by many Djs like Paul van Dyk who supported this track in his radio shows and his compilations. In the year 2002 he met vocal house legend Barbara Tucker. Barbara introduced him to many artists from overseas (U.S.A.) and took him to her gigs as her tour dj which was important for him to get used to the international music-, club- and dance scene. As well as to get used to first music studio ex throughout periences. Today Kid Chris produces music at the south west studios (Cologne, Germany). In September 2008 his new Mix Compilation “In Touch With Ibiza” will be in stores worldwide and has a massive playlist of the biggest ibiza anthems of 2008.

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