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Ale Gerini

Alessandro Gerini

Также известно как: A. Gerini, Ale Gerini (Carnaby Studio), Ale Gerini [Carnaby Studio], Alessandro Gerini, Alex Gerini

Дискография Ale Gerini:

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Italian photographer (Milan, July 9, 1960). Graduated at the Santa Fe Art Photography. At age 15 works as assistant in a design studio-photography. At age 24 becomes a free-lance graphic artist, collaborating for the major record labels. At age 35 the discovery of the photography, the passion, the first portraits and the meeting with fashion and publishing. Two books illustrated with Mondadori, the construction of [a=Eros Ramazzotti]' new lp in Los Angeles, portraits of [a=Cher] in London. And more and more...

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