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MC Chita

Chitariso Chiketa

Дискография MC Chita:

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Born in Moscow, Russia, the son of a Zimbabwean Ambassodor to New York, NY/USA Steven Chiketa, MC Chita aka Chitariso Chiketa, spent most of his life travelling from country to country, from the United Kingdom all the way to Iran. He released his debut album [b]Destination Reality[/b],which helped cement MC Chita s name in the Zimbabwean Music scene, releasing two mixtapes under an Australian entertainment company called Hitbangers and also appearing on [a=DJ Peewee]s 25tolyf Mixtape Vol.1, his guest appearance on the critically acclaimed underground album [b]Zim Hip Hop Greats Vol. 1[/b] Compilation, which was produced by Tha Mix Masterz lead him to be signed under their label. and in April 2009, MC Chita finally released his long awaited sophomore album [b]2634"The Hustle,The Struggle,The Life"[/b].The concept of the album was about the representation of life in Harare, Zimbabwe during its last turbulent decade where people hussled hard looking for a one way ticket from rags to riches (diamond dealings,the fast life of women,cars,foregn currency tradings on the stock market,politics,etc) all summed up in one album.

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