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De De Lind

Члены группы De De Lind: Eddy Lorigiola, Gilberto Trama, Matteo Vitolli, Ricky Rebajoli, Vito Paradiso
Группа в интернете: http://www.italianprog.com/it/a_dedelind.htm

Дискография De De Lind:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Io Non So Da Dove Vengo E Non So Dove Mai Andro, Uomo E' Il Nome Che Mi Han Dato 7 audio iTunes 2004 Vinyl Magic
2 Io Non So Da Dove Vengo E Non So Dove Mai Andro, Uomo E' Il Nome Che Mi Han Dato 7 audio iTunes 1997 Si-Wan Records

They began their career in 1969, the odd name coming from a popular Playboy model of the early 60's, and only released three singles in their five years career, the first two closer to the Italian beat of the time, while the third had a good rockier B-side in Torneremo ancora. though still far from their LP sound. The group was a sextet in the picture on the cover of the 1969 single, reduced to a five-piece in the second, a year later. The album came in 1973, the vocal parts are short but very well made by singer Paradiso, leaving plenty of room to acoustic atmospheres and the sudden assaults of guitarist Vitolli and flute/sax/keyboards player Trama, and the seven tracks on the album are all highly regarding, with a mention for Smarrimento with a sweet flute introduction, a furious guitar/flute interplay followed by the acoustic guitar based vocal parts that leads to a powerful guitar-driven end. After the album release De De Lind played at 1973 Rassegna di Musica Popolare held in Rome, and at Be-In festival in Naples, with new drummer Fabio Rizzato. Singer Vito Paradiso had a short solo career in 1978-80, while the rest of the band has totally disappeared. Before forming De De Lind drummer Rebajoli had played with New Dada and I Nuovi Angeli, with which he returned after leaving this group.

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