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Supernaut (4)

Srđan Marković, Saša Radić

Члены группы Supernaut (4): Miodrag Stojanović, Saša Radić, Srđan Marković, Svetolik Trifunović
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/supernautbelgrade

Дискография Supernaut (4):

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Budućnost Sada 10 audio iTunes 1993 Zvono Records
2 Niže Nego Ljudski 8 audio iTunes 1997 Not On Label
3 Eli 12 audio iTunes 2006 Automatik
4 Pobuna Mašina 10 audio iTunes 2010 Not On Label (Supernaut (4) Self-released)
5 Live In Zombietown 7 audio iTunes 1995 Urbazona Trotorock
6 Raj Na Nebu... Pakao Na Zemlji 10 audio iTunes 2000 Beograund

Supernaut from Belgrade, Serbia was formed in 1992 by Srđan Đile Marković an underground poet & painter. Supernaut quickly gained reputation of “the most non commercial band in the town”. Debut album “Budućnost sada” (Zvono records, 1993) was a proto industrial experiment with dose of nostalgia from the acid rock bands from the 60’s. (fror example, 13Th Floor, Elevators) Their live album “Live in Zombie Town” (Urbazona Trotorok), portrays the bands live intensity with their minimalistic sound of rhythm machine + vocals & bass. (new bass player Saša Radić joins the band) Miodrag Stojanović Cheza (rhythm machine) leaves the band after the live album, and Supernaut for the time being, becomes a theatre group troop for Sonja Savić, and participates on many alter-theater festivals. With Sonja they filmed abstract movies: “Supernaut”, “Superstvarnost” & “Play”, they were presented at London’s Tate gallery. Because of their radical vision of techno-disco lobotomy of the 90’s, they’ve played only at Belgrade’s smaller night clubs, until Supernaut released their first “hit song”, psychobilly hymn “Tata Rolingstound” on their third album “Niže nego ljudski”. Band expanded their sound with electric guitar, insisting on a cliché fusion of rock’n’roll & electronics. Đile in his interviews remarks that Belgrade’s industrial scene was dead even before it realised it’s own potential. Fourth album “Raj na nebu, pakao na zemlji” (2000) will be rembered by the hit song “Model” and short adventure with female duet on the remade version of “Because You Are Mine”. Supernaut wanishes from the musical scene in 21st century, until they reformed in their last inacrnation of Đile - programming, vocals, guitars & Saša Radić - bass, drum machine. On the verge between ultra minimalistic hard rock, non music & industrial, Supernaut even now justifies their status of non compromising anti commercialists, but this time they make a contract with Automatik Records. Their fifth album “Eli” was released in spring of 2006. Musically closer to their fourth release, album was promoted with two videos, “Strast” & “Oh mili (Neupokojeni)”. Their new record “6” should be released in 2009. Members: Srđan Marković Đile - vocals, guitar, programming Miodrag Stojanović Čeza - rhythm machine Saša Radić - bass, rhythm machine Aleksandra Arizanović - backing vocals Dejana Jovanović - backing vocals

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