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Nigel Waymouth

Также известно как: Nigel Weymouth, Waymouth

Дискография Nigel Waymouth:

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Born: 1941 in India and resident of UK in 1953. British graphic artist who rose to prominence in the late 1960's, along with [a979681], within the design partnership [a780790]. Among the leaders of the psychedelic art-form in the UK, the duo paved the way in the coalescing of art and musical form in the '70s. From designing album sleeves to clothing outlets, along with a wealth of now highly collectible concert posters under the 'Osiris Visions' tag of 'International Times' and via 'Oz' magazine. The twosome also produced eponymous musical works. Weymouth began his career in journalism, but later teamed up with partners Sheila Cohen and tailor John Pearse in the opening of the renowned London boutique 'Granny Takes A Trip'. With it's ever-evolving and eye-catching frontages the outlet would lure the cream of music culture to its inner sanctum at 488 King's Road. After the wild years of 'Hapshash' productions Waymouth settled into full-time painting and portraiture, exhibiting in both the UK and America. His work has also been included in The Royal Society of Portrait Painters. A resident of Los Angeles, Waymouth married photographer Marissa Roth and has two sons, sculptor Adam Waymouth and actor, Louis Waymouth.

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