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Soghomon Gevorki Soghomonyan

Также известно как: Комитас, Gomidas Vartabed, Gomidas Vartabet, Komitas Vardapet, Komitas Vartabed, R. P. Komitas
Группа в интернете: http://www.komitas.am/eng/index_eng.php

Дискография Komitas:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Oeuvres Chorales Folkloriques Arméniennes 12 audio iTunes 1965 Editions De Disques Arméniens "La Voix De Paris"
2 Поет Арменак Шахмурадян Песни Комитаса 13 audio iTunes 1968
3 Fantasy For Piano; Six Dances For Piano 2 audio iTunes Poseidon Society
4 Da Messa E Corali Trascitti Per Viola, Violoncello E Fagotto Da Ludwig Bazil 15 audio iTunes 1985 Musicam
5 Песни Комитаса 13 audio iTunes Мелодия
6 Moderato Cantabile 10 audio iTunes 2014-09-05

Soghomon Gevorki Soghomonyan – “Komitas” ("Սողոմոն Գևորգի Սողոմոնյան" - "Կոմիտաս" in Armenian) (1869-1935) Komitas (a name he obtained when he was ordained priest, remembering a 7th century Armenian catholicos who was also a hymn writer). was born on September 26, 1869 in Kütahya, Ottoman Empire and died on October 22, 1935 in Paris, France, was an Armenian priest (from here the other names of “Komitas Vardapet”, the priest Komitas), composer, choir leader, singer, music ethnologist, music pedagogue and musicologist. He was the first extra-european to be admitted into the International Music Society, of which he was a co-founder. He gave many lectures and performances throughout Europe and near East thus presenting armenian popular music. It’s considered the father of the modern classical armenian music. He was a witness of the armenian genocide in 1915, after that his mind was in suffer and the last 16 years of his life was passed in a psychiatric clinic in Paris where he died.

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