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Ron Stone

Дискография Ron Stone:

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Ron Stone (born March 15, 1944) is an American personal manager, and musician's advocate. Stone began his career during music’s ‘golden age’ in 1968 at Geffen and Roberts Management alongside industry names such as [a=David Geffen], [a=Elliot Roberts], and [a=Irving Azoff] where Stone managed the careers of [a=Neil Young], [a=Joni Mitchell], [a=Eagles, The] [a=Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young], [a=Bob Dylan], [a=Band, The], [a=Devo], [a=America], and [a=Tom Cochrane]. With [a=Danny Goldberg] and [a=Burt Stein], Stone formed Gold Mountain Entertainment in 1985 after having signed [a=Bonnie Raitt] and [a=Belinda Carlisle]. With the elevation to partner of [a=John Silva], [a=Nirvana], [a=Beastie Boys], [a=Beck], [a=Foo Fighters], and [a=Sonic] were added to Gold Mountain’s client roster. In 1992 Stone parted company with Goldberg (who had gone to [l=Atlantic] Records) and continued to sign artists like [a=Ziggy Marley], [a=Rickie Lee Jones], [a=Tracy Chapman], [a=Baha Men], and [a=Joss Stone]. Stone leveraged his stature in the entertainment industry during the Internet boom to be a spokesperson for the rights of artists whose intellectual property and content were being distributed freely via peer to peer applications like Napster. Stone’s broad knowledge of the Internet and the challenges that new technologies pose to the music business led him to consult on digital and copyright issues to the RIAA. Stone along with Noah Stone formed the first artists driven coalition against piracy, Artists Against Piracy. Stone was also instrumental in the formation of The Recording Artists Coalition.

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