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Bruno Gigliotti

Bruno Gigliotti

Также известно как: B. Gigliotti
Группа в интернете: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orlando_(producteur), http://www.dalida.com/orlandoa.htm

Дискография Bruno Gigliotti:

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Bruno Gigliotti was born July 29, 1936 in Cairo (Egypt), with Italian origins, better known as Orlando, is the young brother and producer of [a146664]. As a teenager in Egypt, he remembers that he had a brief singing career himself, in fact he was the one who released the well-known 60's hit "Mustapha", which was covered sometime later by [a59484]. In the mid-sixties he left for Paris with the idea of pursuing his musical career just as his legendary sister. After a brief career as a singer in the early 1960's , Orlando took over the career of his sister in 1970 (until 1987 , when his suicide ). Since 1996 is the producer of singer [a534290].

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