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Sander Steenhart, Stefan Musters, Paul Vervoort

Члены группы Coretuc: Sandji
Группа в интернете: http://soundcloud.com/coretuc

Дискография Coretuc:

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Electroacoustic group from The Netherlands. Started in 2006 by Sander and Stefan as an experiment to try and learn how to write music. In 2008 'Hispeed Space Express' was written in a few hours and signed to Particles quickly afterwards. It reached the top 50 chill-out tracks on Beatport. After this success the group went silent. In 2010 a new demo appeared on the group's SoundCloud, revealing a new member of the group: Paul Vervoort. Because of busy schedules the members haven't been able to work on new tracks. There have been several solo releases by both Sander Steenhart (as Sandji) and Paul Vervoort since the group latest output.

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