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Peter De Koning (3)

Peter De Koning

Также известно как: Intens (3), Maestro Virgule, Peter, TraumaSutra
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/traumasutra, http://www.myspace.com/crossvaults, http://www.hybryds.com

Дискография Peter De Koning (3):

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Peter De Koning is a Belgian musician. He can be described as eclectic, composing musical work from the melodic (Een reus in zijn blootje - Musical for Children, intens, Hedera helix) to the very abstract (TraumaSutra, Hybryds) He is specialised in singing, sound design as well as playing the piano, guitar and various types of percussion and found objects. In the beginning of the years 2000, Peter did live piano improvisations for poetry evenings. Peter De Koning has contributed to numerous livebands, including Liquid G, Dark Poem, For Greater Good, a.s.o. In 2013, Peter established himself as multimedia artist, re-interpreting old Elektroacoustic music from Belgian composer Lucien with modern sound generating methods Goethals as a part of the lichTraumproject with soundartist Dr. Pieter Coussement.

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