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Lone Ark

Roberto Sánchez

Также известно как: Roberto Sánchez
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/loneark

Дискография Lone Ark:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Countryside 14 audio iTunes 2004 Brixton Records
2 Oil & Water 10 audio iTunes 2006 Fak Records (3)
3 Oil & Water In Dub 10 audio iTunes 2006 Fak Records (3)
4 Keep The Faith / Musical Family 2 audio iTunes 2007
5 In The Distance / A-Lone Riders 2 audio iTunes 2007 A-Lone Productions

Lone Ark is [a348931]'s solo musical project; He is a producer, engineer, singer and musician from Cantabria (north of Spain). He develops his musical works in three different forms: - A-Lone Ark Muzik studio (his recording studio where he produces his own music and other producers and groups' records). - A-Lone Productions (the label that release Lone Ark's records) - Lone Ark and [a1252458] (live band/backing band) The studio: In 1997 Roberto started recording with some friends (Better Collie), using a four track recorder. They released many demos under that name. Then in year 1999 he get a 16 track recorder in London and started producing as "Loud and Lone" alongside [a1252452]. They released two different showcase albums and a compilation cd (Better Collie and Loud and Lone (1998-2001). In 2002 he set up his own studio and then he released his first set as Lone Ark called "Countryside". The studio equipment and the productions always were focused on the late 70's sounds (analogic recording and mixing). There he has produced and recorded many spanish bands and producers' works (Jahsta, We and Dem, [a208602], [a1252453], Lone Lions, Dread Drive....) and also all his own productions released by A-Lone. The aim of the studio is to keep alive the 70's roots sound and recording techniques. The label: A-Lone Productions was created in 1997 to release "The Same Wrong Thing" the second album of the first group for Roberto Sánchez "Lone Watti". But it was in 2004 when the label started releasing more ofently and seriously. Now its the label that releases all Lone Ark's recordings and works comming from A-Lone Ark Muzik studio. The label has now many releases with artists such as: [a166268], [a438429], [a40582], [a108764], [a97516], [a99545]... The aim of the label is to keep alive the style and sound of the 70's roots reggae music (in terms of recording techniques, instruments used, artists....). The live band: In 2003 Lone Ark start playing as a live band; The aim was to play live the works comming from the studio at that time. Before that Roberto worked on many differnt reggae projects (since 1995) such as: Lone Watti, Loud and Lone, Better Collie, Vibes All Stars, BDF, Super Ape, Dub Generation.... Lone Ark is also a backing band that has played for artist such as: Earl 16, [a254752] alongside [a382296], Alpheus,... Roberto also worked as engineer or playing keybords, bass or guitar with different bands backing artists such as: [a94500], [a58870], [a77086], [a7709], [a117415], Anthony Johnson, Kenny Knotts... The aim for Lone Ark riddim force as a live band is to keep alive the real sounds from 70's roots reggae on stage... We nah deal with synth horns and so on...

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