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Fretclimbers, The

Члены группы Fretclimbers, The: Atle Kvia, Erlend Aasland, Grete Våland, Jarle Obrestad, Kjell Gudmestad, Martin Våland, Torstein Obrestad, Trond Gudmestad

Дискография Fretclimbers, The:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Jærbu I Junaiten 12 audio iTunes 2008-03-00 JLyd Records

The Fretclimbers was started as a nine piece bluegrass band by [A=Martin Våland] in 2004. Being one of the few bluegrass bands from Rogaland, The Fretclimbers gained some attention in the Norwegian bluegrass community. The members at that time were: [A=Erlend Aasland]: [i]banjo, vocals[/i] [A=Jarle Obrestad]: [i]acoustic guitar, vocals[/i] [A=Leif Arve Lagestrand]: [i]percussion [snare drum][/i] [A=Gunnar Tønnesen]: [i]fiddle, mandolin, vocals[/i] [A=Kjell Gudmestad]: [i]resonator guitar[/i] [A=Martin Våland]: [i]acoustic guitar, vocals[/i] [A=Torstein Obrestad]: [i]accordion, vocals[/i] [A=Trond Gudmestad]: [i]acoustic guitar, bass[/i] After 2006 some of the members quit to prioritize other bands, and as of 2008, only two of the original members are left ([A=Martin Våland] and [A=Kjell Gudmestad]). [b]The current line-up is:[/b] [A=Martin Våland]: [i]acoustic guitar, bass, vocals[/i] [A=Grete Våland]: [i]vocals[/i] [A=Kjell Gudmestad]: [i]resonator guitar[/i] [A=Harald Undheim]: [i]bass, accordion[/i] The Fretclimbers released a live album called "Jærbu I Junaiten" (2008), recorded at Ovenpaa, Stavanger in 2007.

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