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Larry Orr

Larry Houston Orr

Также известно как: Larry

Дискография Larry Orr:

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Larry Orr (b. Jan. 14, 1937 d. March 5, 2010). Born in Pickens County, South Carolina, Larry Orr was a son of Obera Ellison Orr and Lake Hugh Orr. He graduated of Easley High School in Easley, South Carolina. He played the steel guitar in the [a=Blue Ridge Quartet, The]. He retired from Material Management Company in Powdersville. Mr. Orr was a member of Rock Springs Baptist Church and had served with the US Army. Steel Guitar player that is credited with many releases that were recorded at [l=Mark Five Studios] in Greenville, South Carolina, USA in the late 1970's / 1980's.

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