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Lebogang Mothibe

Также известно как: Sugasmackx
Группа в интернете: http://twitter.com/shugasmakx

Дискография Shugasmakx:

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Born in Soweto on 28 February 1983 to David Mothibe and Gloria Mahlaba, Lebogang "Shugasmakx" Mothibe has made his first television appearance at the tender age of nine. Acting in various ads and programmes from 1991 till 1997, he moved from Soweto to Leondale on the East Rand in 1994 and met one Siyabonga "Slikour" Metane. Since recording his first demo (as Exercizm at Zako Music, responsible for success stories such as [a=Rebecca Malope]), the group has grown to become known to millions of people as [a=Skwatta Kamp], South Africa’s leading hip-hop brand, living legends and trendsetters. Shugasmakx still visits the screen from time to time for small cameo roles and he is currently the director of [l=Buttabing Entertainment] and Ventilation Productions (a lifestyle brand).

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