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Chip Dale

Pseudonym for Dino Tome and John Woloschuk

Дискография Chip Dale:

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Although Dino [i](Tome)[/i] is not an active member of Klaatu, he and John [i](Woloschuk)[/i] have co-written several songs which have appeared on various Klaatu albums including: Sub Rosa Subway, California Jam (which was originally entitled, "The Great San Andreas Misfortune"), Knee Deep In Love, Blue Smoke, and others. In the early days of Klaatu, Dino and John collaborated under the pseudonym, [b]Chip Dale[/b], which did appear as a writing credit on a few Canadian singles released prior to 1976. Dino was born on April 3, 1948 in a town called Cordenons which is situated in northern Italy. He emigrated to Canada in early 1967 where he and John first met and became friends. They began writing music together about a year later and have continued their writing partnership for the most part of fourteen years. From: [i]Klaatu's 7th edition of their fan club letter, "The Morning Sun"[/i] http://www.klaatu.org/fanclub/mornsun7.html

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